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Forming of Companies 

Mariana Paulíková Law Firm provides its clients an efficient and comprehensive service in setting up companies, obtaining necessary permits and licenses to do business and also provides legal and practical advice in relation to company law in the Slovak Republic.

The law firm provides all the services related to forming of companies such as:

- Elaboration of  founding documentation (articles of association and memorandum of association) and other legal documents necessary for such formation and registration with the Commercial Register;
- Providing of the Trade Certificates or concessions;
- Ensuring  notary services;
- Application for registration with the Commercial Register;
- Representing before the tax authorities, especially taxpayer registration for the tax on corporate income or other taxes;
- Representation before the Commercial Register.


Mariana Paulíková Law Firm disposes Qualified Electronic Signature, in which due the process of the registration of companies has been easier, faster and, not least for the clients less financially demanding, i.e. pursuant to Article 6 (4) of the Act 71/1992 Coll. on Court Fees and Fees for Criminal Record, as amended: "If in matters relating to the Commercial Register the entire motion is  submitted by electronic means, the fee equals to 50% of the fixed amount set in the scale (for more see link - Qualified Electronic Signature)."
Motions, together with attachments are sent directly from the law firm, which implies no time lost at the Commercial Register and also eliminates visit to a notary, i. e. it is not necessary to certify the authenticity of a signature on the form for the Commercial Register. Subsequent communication with the Commercial Register is also electronic and, as a result, we are informed, in the electronic form, of the progress of filing and processing the motion. An extract from the commercial register as well as a confirmation of registration of company are sent electronically, too.

Should you be looking for legal advice in this area, you can contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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